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Welcomes You

Respond with Kindness- Just Smile! and  Donate Toys, Clothes, Shoes, Matresses and Blankets, Food, Books and Pens, School bags or any other useful material for Elderly, Vulnerable children and Youth.


Who we are

It was started in April 2013 by a group of Social Workers motivated by the social work principle of restoring the social functioning and improvement…


What we do

Our volunteers  report a great sense of satisfaction, and joy at developing new skills, gaining work experience, making new friends, and simply having…


How you help

You don’t need to have any previous experience – but if you have any working with children, teaching or other useful skills to enhance our projects…

“Hello! and welcome to AVEC International where the lives of people are transformed. Please join our cause!”

Barbara .K. Ojera — Executive DIRECTOR

Create Hope

Sponsor a child…