Welcome to the AVEC International project information page

Our Mission: is to wholly transform the lives of elderly people and vulnerable children in societies in, but not limited to Uganda.

Sponsor a child

AVEC International is primarily a charitable and a non-government organisation operating in most districts of Uganda dealing with vulnerable Children, caring for orphans, elderly, youth; women and preventing family break up.
Sponsor a Child project mainly helps in providing school fees, scholastic materials, Uniforms for a child you have chosen to help.
AVEC International Sponsor a Child project is focused on ensuring that a child grows up within the care and safety of a family environment.
You can inspire sponsorship. Join AVEC International and help connect children living in poverty with new sponsors

Child Advocacy

AVEC International is child-focused and we look forward to end child abuse and promote children’s rights in communities we serve.Sexual abuse, child sacrifice, child labour, torture and corporal punishment, child theft are considered the worst forms of child abuse .
Even with over six Children’s laws which provide a legal framework to protect and promote equal access to Children’s rights in existence in Uganda, widespread ignorance of the law has contributed greatly to the persistent violation of children’s rights.
With your support we can create a violence free environment.

Capacity building and Income generating Activities

Building the capacity of individuals, groups and communities to become self-reliant. Development has become an important aspect of the work of our organisation. We offer advisory services, giving training and skills in urban gardening, tailoring, metal fabrication and carpentry to communities, group or individuals to kick-start community-led initiatives or facilitating the bringing-together of expertise and experience in the community to deal with particular problems. All of this can go to promote the skills and capacities of communities and their members to better deal with the kinds of problems they may face.

AVEC International capacity building and development project was reached to after identification of key local problems through needs assessment activities carried out in Mityana, Wakiso, Kayunga, Gulu, Kamuli and Kampala district. The desire to boost the capacity of excluded and disadvantaged individuals, groups or communities to help tackle these problems through a series of grassroots intervention.

Capacity building and Income generating Activities

Organise and plan by engaging all available stakeholders through bottom-up approach.

Develop healthy lifestyle options (a balanced diet, sanitation, yoga and exercise, immunisation, counseling,).

Empower themselves –through building skills and coping abilities within communities despite of their religion, ethnic groups or gender.

Reduce poverty and suffering, through skills development (Computer literacy, Tailoring, Metal fabrication).

Create employment and economic opportunities.

Achieve social, economic, cultural and environmental goals together.

The elderly

AVEC International enhances capacity of the elderly by encouraging the whole community to respect their elderly members and to view them as a useful resource rather than a burden. For example, Grandchildren are taught to learn from and listen to their elders, and they can be encouraged to impart their knowledge to the younger generation. Storytelling about the community’s history by older people can help strengthen a community’s sense of security. The experience and knowledge of elderly persons should be used in managing emergencies.

The Youth

Youth hold untapped capacity for community development we therefore encourage the youth to remain in their various locations by creating a sense of satisfaction and creating an environment for opportunities so as to contribute to the development of their local communities and this is done through helping them to identify and develop their talents, trainings in various activities: for example sports, Music, Dance and Drama, Carpentry, Tailoring, Teamwork which leads to more productivity for example rotational activities(gardening, save money amongst themselves which later sent to the bank)

The women

Capacity building is necessary for women to ensure that they are able to achieve their individual, group goals and vision.
AVEC International is helping women to achieve this through training and engaging women in self- reliance projects like candle making, making paper bead necklaces, earrings, bags, mats, basket; Urban gardening or backyard gardening(to reduce food shortage among households), domestic farming.
More than 40 women and youth enrolled for the project and 17 have started making liquid soap and jezz for sale, 2 are making beaded necklaces, ear rings and money parses.
The Urban and backyard gardening has also taken off, 10 families were given seeds to plant for vegetables and these got good harvests and therefore improved their nutrition.
AVEC International has also got a display for the work (beading and craft) that the beneficiaries make, these are bought by well-wishers who visit the office
Business skills have also been imparted to all those who gain a skill and are interested in starting their own business. Those with projects like Poultry, piggery have been helped with Veterinary Medications.

Water & Sanitation

This project is intended to help communities access clean water, improved sanitation facilities, and hygiene training and in Partnership with well wishers we encourage community participation in attaining this.This includes activities like Rain Water harvesting,building of spring wells,borehole digging,construction of pit latrines and training of community members on proper hygiene and sanitation.